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a city (since 1948) under oblast jurisdiction in L’vov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located south of Drogobych. Terminus of a branch from the L’vov-Uzhgorod railroad line. Population, 20,100 (1975). Industry includes a mineral water plant.

Truskavets is a balneological health resort situated in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains; it is known mainly for its drinking waters. Summers are warm, with an average July temperature of 17°C, and winters are moderately mild, with an average January temperature of –4°C; annual precipitation is 790 mm. Curative means include 26 mineral springs. Water from 14 of the springs is used for both drinking and bathing, and that of the rest, only for bathing. The best-known spring is Naftusia, the water from which has the chemical composition

The water is used for drinking and is bottled. Patients with uro-logical disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and gallbladder are treated. The resort has sanatoriums for adults and children, clinics for balneotherapy and ozokerite therapy, and pump rooms for drinking water.


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