United Nations Trusteeship Council

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United Nations Trusteeship Council:

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system of UN control for territories that were not self-governing. It replaced the mandates of the League of Nations. Provided for under chapters 12 and 13 of the Charter of the United Nations, the trusteeship system was intended to promote the welfare
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If a binding multilateral instrument on the status of states endangered by climate change proves impossible, then the UN Trusteeship Council should take responsibility for the transition of endangered states.
The Trusteeship Council, which is the organ that most persons would think of in connection with the trusteeship system, is only mentioned twice in Chapter XII of the UN Charter.
34) For its part, the Trusteeship Council guided the trust territories towards either independence or mergers with other states; the bulk of the trusts achieved self-governance governance by the early 1960s.
Catherine Redgwell and Lorraine Elliott target the UN Trusteeship Council and the UN Security Council, respectively.
In 1994, the Trusteeship Council adopted an amendment to its rules
Mulumba to Director Trusteeship Council United Nations, 12-4-49, Secret Appendix 306.
The Trusteeship Council, defined by the UN Charter as one of the "principal organs" of the UN, has withered to a kind of vermiform appendix, holding only token meetings to acknowledge that it has no business to transact.
When the United Nations itself was created, it allowed for the creation of an international trusteeship council under Chapter XII of the U.
This new Trusteeship would have been supervised under the UN Trusteeship Council pursuant to Article 75 of the Charter of the United Nations.
A new Trusteeship Council might provide the principal forum through which the nations of the world would come together to exercise their collective trusteeship for the global environment and the global commons--the oceans, the atmosphere, the Antarctic, and outer space.
Pickens, civil society activists are suggesting a new role for The Trusteeship Council of the United Nations.
The Trusteeship Council has worked itself out of job.