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The zymogen of trypsin, secreted in the pancreatic juice. Also known as protrypsin.



an inactive precursor (proenzyme) of the proteolytic enzyme trypsin. Trypsinogen is synthesized in the pancreas and converted into trypsin—the active enzyme—in the small intestine. The activation of trypsinogen entails the cleavage of a short peptide fragment from the N-terminal of the trypsinogen molecule by the enzyme enterokinase or by trypsin itself.

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Levin saw as an added benefit that during the process, most if not all the precursors such as trypsinogen would also simultaneously activate, to yield a product of high potency with purported minimal processing losses; a product which Levin and his customers thought most ideal for pharmaceutical as well as industrial use.
Trypsinogen is activated by an intestinal enzyme, enterokinase, and by trypsin.
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When they found a close match to the end of a fish gene for trypsinogen, they did a detailed comparison of the antifreeze DNA to the trypsinogen DNA of a notothenioid and found an even better match.
This method, immunoreactive trypsinogen assay (IRT), detects elevated levels of immunoreactive trypsinogen, a substance found to be elevated in the blood of neonates with CF.
Interest in newborn screening arose out of the belief that early diagnosis would improve outcome, and in 1979 the immunoreactive trypsinogen (IRT) test, which could be performed on dried bloodspots, made widespread newborn screening possible.
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