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a set of three pictures or panels, usually hinged so that the two wing panels fold over the larger central one: often used as an altarpiece



a work of art composed of three pictures, sculptural works in relief, or drawings that are united by a common idea, theme, or subject.


Lonkheit, K. Das Triptychon als Pathosformel. Heidelberg, 1959.
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Sam, an artist herself, was arrested in July after she planted the kiss on a panel of Twombly's tryptich Phaedrus, in the Museum of Contemporary Art in the southern French town of Avignon.
I due saggi, analizzando accuratamente il meccanismo di funzionamento di alcune video-installazioni di Viola, fra le quali i famosi Nantes Tryptich (1992) e Buried Secrets (1995), evidenziano il dialogo fra queste opere e alcune forme della rappresentazione pittorica occidentale.
I was the racing manager at the trackwhen Mtotos Tryptich starting trialing as a pup.
Seeing that tryptich [sic] in the temple in Trivandrum, with its three glimpses of a God larger than one could fully comprehend, was a moment of recognition for me, and the experience of God's presence there was describable only as worship.
33)Najera Tryptich, 'Angel musicians', Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp.
One thinks here of Karl Barth's famous identification of his own theological method with the pointing finger of John the Baptist in Matthias Grunewald's great Isenheim tryptich, or of the same theologian's devotion to Mozart, who almost in spite of himself so profoundly symbolized the joy of the free grace of God.