see QaidamQaidam
or Tsaidam
, arid basin, c.350 mi (560 km) long and c.100 mi (160 km) wide, between two branches of the Kunlun range, central Qinghai prov., W China. A salt marsh occupies most of the area.
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7 million with Tengri Group Tsaidam Nuur Energy Corporation ("Nuur Energy"), an integrated energy solution provider and power plant developer in Mongolia.
Hearing me speak of the Tsaidam and the Smigunovs, he had said coldly: "As a matter of fact, I am going back to Europe by that route.
China's Occupation of Tibet: China invaded Tibet in the 1950s and began developing the oil-rich Tsaidam Basin, driving out native Tibetans and repopulating the region with Chinese workers--many of them brought in to build a 4,200-kilometer West-East natural gas pipeline.
In early 1942, Chongqing successfully broke up this Muslim bloc by ordering Ma Buqing to transfer his troops to the Tsaidam Basin of Kokonor on the pretext of "colonizing and guarding" that area.
the 'Company') is pleased to report that the Directors have negotiated the acquisition, by Letter of Intent, of a 100% interest in three coal leases located in central Tsaidam province in Mongolia.
E[acute accent]Storm Cat acquired its interest in the Tsaidam Exploration Contract in December 2004 for the purpose of drilling for natural gas from coals within the close proximity to Ulaanbaatar, the country's capital.
In the fulfillment of its Production Sharing Contracts (the "PSC"), Storm Cat mapped the surface geology in four basins; Tsaidam, Nalaikh, Baga, and Tugrug, constructed cross sections in Tsaidam basin, and conducted geophysical surveys (Vertical Electrical Surveys) in Tsaidam and Tugrug basins.
Subsequently, on this Tsaidam Project, located in the vicinity of Ulaanbaatar (the capital city of Mongolia), a large coal sample was taken and analyzed for coal rank and adsorption capacity.
Based on recent VES survey on the Tsaidam Exploratory Block, Storm Cat is currently drilling an exploratory stratagraphic test well.
QGX"), an Ontario-based company, whereby Key Gold can earn an interest in the following three exploration licenses in Mongolia held by QGX: Uhaa Hudag, Bayan Bulag, and Tsaidam.
BP Amoco spokesmen said that they will not be taking an equity stake in the drilling, transport, or retail of the gas from the Tsaidam Basin on the Northern Tibetan Plateau.