Tsanko Bakalov Tserkovski

Tserkovski, Tsanko Bakalov


(also Tsanko Tserkovski-Bakalov). Born Oct. 16, 1869, in Biala-Cherkva, Veliko Turnovo District; died May 2, 1926, in Sofia. Bulgarian writer and social figure. A founder of the Bulgarian Agrarian People’s Union (1899).

Tserkovski’s collections of verse include Mournful Hours (1895) and Songs of the Field (1905). Influenced by socialist ideology, his poetry presents colorful depictions of the everyday life and work of the peasantry and conveys a protest against the prevailing social order. Rhythms and melodies characteristic of Bulgarian folk songs are used in an original manner.

Tserkovski also wrote short stories, the novel From the Depths of the Heart (1926, published posthumously), plays, and various works for children.


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In Russian translation:
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