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"We cannot give a direct benefit from Tsavo National Park to the communities.
They tell us that we will be compensated, but we have not received anything," he says.The wild animals have been competing for water and pasture with residents bordering Tsavo National Park.
The Mirror was the only newspaper in the world invited on the 12-hour translocation journey, in which young rhinos were being moved to East Tsavo National Park, where they have been decimated by horn poaching gangs.
Athi River which goes past the Tsavo national park is another one to try; also perfect for viewing bushbuck, giraffes, buffalo, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, baboons and hippos.
"Both are now doing well and at some point they could be released back into the wild in Tsavo National Park." Jess added: "The Trust runs a wide range of community projects to teach people about elephants, as well as operating a number of mobile veterinary and anti-poaching units.
This particular elephant was one that was very approachable, one of those easy old boys to find," ( said Richard Moller , chief conservation officer of the Tsavo Trust at Tsavo National Park in Kenya.
The vast lands of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya is as parched as can be, and the scorching heat has begun taking its toll on its resident wildlife.
His badly mutilated body was found in Tsavo National Park on March 2015.
Griff's then off to help feed orphaned elephants at the Tsavo National Park.
After reaching their target, Amy and her students will work alongside the charity 'Camps International' in Kenya and contribute to community projects such as school building and conservation in Tsavo National Park.
It described the elephant as one of Tsavo National park's most iconic and well-loved tuskers.