Tsekhanovetskii, Grigorii

Tsekhanovetskii, Grigorii Matveevich


Born 1833, died 1898. Russian economist and statistician.

Tsekhanovetskii graduated from the faculty of history and philology of the University of Kiev in 1855, and he defended his doctoral dissertation in 1869. In 1871 he became prorector of the University of Kiev. In 1873, Tsekhanovetskii was appointed an ordinary (staff) professor associated with the chair of political economy at the University of Kharkov; from 1881 to 1884 he was rector of the university.

Tsekhanovetskii belonged to the progressive group of professors at the University of Kharkov, and in his lectures he discussed aspects of K. Marx’ economic theory. In 1879 he took part in the work of the Kharkov Subcommission for the Study of the Russian Railroad Industry; he was an advocate of state intervention in the railroad industry. Tsekhanovetskii was the author of The Importance of Adam Smith in the History of Politico-economic Systems (1859), A Brief Survey of Political Economy (1866), and Railroads and the State (1869).