a river in the Komi ASSR; a left tributary of the Pechora River. The Tsil’ma River is 374 km long and drains a basin of 21,500 sq km. It rises in the Timan Ridge (Arkhangel’sk Oblast) and is fed mainly by snow. The flow rate 54 km from the mouth is 228 cu m per sec. The river freezes in October or early November, and the ice breaks up in late April or May. Timber is floated on the river, and the lower course is navigable.

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Description : Increasing the resilience agriculture in Tsilma plain through water shade management and adaptive capacity.
Tenders are invited for Construction and installation work on the project "Reconstruction of 110/10 kV" Izhma "110/10 kV Substation" Schelyayur "110/20/10 kV Substation" Ust - Tsilma "110/10 kV Substation" Zamezhnaya ", SS 110/20/10 kV "Sinegorye" with the installation of capacitor banks on the buses 10 kV "for the needs of" Central electric networks "branch of JSC" IDGC of the North-West "-" Komienergo "(JSC" IDGC of North-West ", location: Russia, 188300, Leningrad Region, Gatchina, Sobornaya str., d.