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a city and administrative center of Tsivil’sk Raion, Chuvash ASSR. Tsivil’sk is situated on the Bol’shaia Tsivil’ River, near its confluence with the Malaia Tsivil’, 7 km from the Tsivil’sk railroad station and 37 km southeast of Cheboksary. It is a junction for highways to Cheboksary, Ul’ianovsk, and Kazan.

Tsivil’sk, founded in 1584 as a fortress, has been a city and trade center since 1590. In 1774 it was taken by E. I. Pugachev’s detachments. It became a district capital in 1781 and capital of Kazan Province in 1796. Soviet power was established in January 1918. It became part of the Chuvash Autonomous Oblast in 1920 and part of the Chuvash ASSR in 1925.

Tsivil’sk has a motor-vehicle repair plant, a brickyard, a textile factory, and a food-processing combine. There is a sovkhoz technicum, a cultural-education institute, and a museum of local lore.

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