Tsunami Dreams

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Dreams of tsunamis are one type of disastrous image we may experience that indicates some sort of traumatic event in our lives, or perhaps a sense of losing control of our lives.

Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Dreams


Although not very many people have experienced a tidal wave in their waking lives, it is a very common theme in nightmares. These dreams usually occur after an individual suffers from a traumatic experience. Survivors of fires, for instance, often report dreams of fire and dreams of being consumed by tidal waves (tsunamis). While these two incidents may seem to be completely different, they actually share common characteristics. When a person dies in a fire it is very rarely from their burns. Most often they die from smoke inhalation. The physical sensations of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to those of a person who is drowning because it is the lack of oxygen that leads to death. Nightmares about tidal waves can also symbolize feelings of losing control or of being overwhelmed. These kinds of feelings are shared by all people, regardless of the traumatic experiences they may or may not have suffered.

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