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According to electricians the most important factors for the success of a new tube light company are development of a high quality and durable product, competitive pricing, tolerance to voltage fluctuations, and strong promotion.
Requiring no starters and with no need to remove traditional ballasts the FZLED T8 Tube Lights can be used by consumers immediately, without complicated installations.
"We are very proud of these new T8 LED Tube Lights. As the first company in the LED industry to incorporate switching dimmable IC technology into an indoor lighting product, FZLED is further demonstrating our commitment to innovation and exceptional quality." - Alan Lin, CEO, FZLED
Furthermore, Gem Hsin has started incorporating them into their line of T5 / T8 LED Tube Lights that use 20% less energy than competing products and are available in two-feet-long, three-feet-long, four-feet-long, and eight-feet-long models,providing users with substantially lower operating costs.
He also urged insurance companies to carry out tests to ensure the safety of electrical installations in general and tube lights in particular before agreeing to insure a property, adding that they should be made of heat-resistant material that does not melt easily.
In addition to their well-designed downlights and tube lights, visitors will be able to take a look at the company's other great LED products including MR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, GU60 bulbs, tube lights, downlights, as well as panel lights, head lights, flexible work lights, and LED torches for bikers and hikers.
In Singapore, FZLED's T8 LED Tube Lights are being used for signboards on expressways and providing dust-free room lighting in a variety of settings.
FZLED's booth will be featuring their one-of-a-kind LED tube lights that are equipped with a dimming function controlled by standard on/off switches.