Tubman Annual Pilgrimage

Tubman (Harriet) Annual Pilgrimage

Memorial Day weekend
The Harriet Tubman Annual Pilgrimage is held every Memorial Day weekend at her gravesite and former home in Auburn, N.Y. In addition to a ceremony at Tubman's grave, there are commemorative activities, including a banquet. Many of the activities take place on the 30-acre site of her residence. The site also contains other historic buildings, such as the home for aged people that Tubman established and where she herself received care before her death at age 93.
Harriet Tubman was an African-American abolitionist and humanitarian born in 1820. A former slave, she is most famous for leading hundreds of slaves to freedom via the "Underground Railroad," a network of abolitionists and safe houses. This heroic accomplishment led to her being defined as the "Moses of her People." After the abolition of slavery, Tubman worked tirelessly to help the poor, the elderly, and freed slaves, and to further the rights of women.
Harriet Tubman Home
180 South St.
Auburn, NY 13201
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