Tuchkova-Ogareva, Natalia

Tuchkova-Ogareva, Natal’ia Alekseevna


Born July 2 (14), 1829, in the village of Iakhontovo, Insar District, Penza Province (now Insar Raion, Mordovian ASSR); died Dec. 30, 1913 (Jan. 12, 1914), in the village of Staroe Akshino, Insar Raion. Russian memoirist.

Tuchkova-Ogareva was married to N. P. Ogarev from 1849 to 1856. After moving to London in 1857, she became the common-law wife of A. I. Herzen. She worked as a proofreader for the journal Kolokol, and after Herzen’s death she undertook the publication of his works abroad. In 1876, Tuchkova-Ogareva returned to Russia. Her Memoirs, which she began writing in the late 1870’s, appeared in print in 1903 (reprinted 1959).