Tuck pointing

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tuck pointing

[′tək ‚pȯint·iŋ]
(building construction)
The finishing of old masonry joints in which the joints are first cleaned out and then filled with fine mortar which projects slightly or has a fillet of putty or lime. Also known as tuck-and-pat pointing; tuck joint pointing.

Tuck pointing

The repairing of worn or damaged mortar joints, by raking out the old mortar and replacing with fresh mortar.

tuck pointing, tuck and pat pointing, tuck joint pointing

tuck pointing
The finishing of old masonry joints: the joints are first cleaned out and then filled with fine mortar which is left projecting slightly or with a fillet of putty or lime; also called tuck-and-pat pointing or tuck-joint pointing.
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Depending upon the severity of the deterioration, repairs of parapets can range from tuck pointing of the mortar joints to providing additional back bracing to the roof structure.
They are providing services such as Masonry Restoration, Spalled Brick Replacement, Tuck pointing, Parging, Creating New Masonry Openings, Chimney Repairs and much more.
Tuck pointing tools are available at most home centers.
Tuck Pointing that is long overdue will be done at the HS and Gregory building, bathroom renovations in those buildings, and the science labs at the High School will be brought up to school safety codes.
Project work to include, but is not limited to: Tuck pointing, masonry cleaning, crack repairs, stone replacement and other work.
Also, at the meeting, the board unanimously accepted the bid of $293,450 from Otto Baum to do the tuck pointing at the Central A&M High School and Gregory Building.
Project work to include, but is not limited to: Window and door replacement, tuck pointing, masonry cleaning and other work.
Tenders are invited for wwtp tuck pointing, masonry repairs & masonry removal.
Exterior work will include masonry repair and tuck pointing, replacement of exterior doors and windows, and the roof..
Work includes demolition & reconstruction of parapet walls & building corners, installation of brick expansion joints, cleaning, tuck pointing & application of sealants & water repellent coatings.
Tenders are invited for This project includes but not limited to division: 02-existing conditions (demo of concrete, asphalt), 03-concrete (sidewalks, concrete topping), 04-masonry (repair of brick veneer, tuck pointing, patching), 05-metals (stairs, railings, shipping container, doors), 06-wood and plastics (framing, sheeting), 07-thermal and moisture protection (roofing, insulation, copping), 08-openings (doors and windows), 09-finishes (gypsum board, floor and wall coverings, acoustical ceilings, etc), 10-specialties (bathroom amenities), 12-furnishings, 21-fire suppression, 22-plumbing, 23-hvac, 26-electrical, 31earthwork (topsoil), 32-exterior improvements (parking lot painting, sidewalks, landscaping), 33-utilities (water and sewer).
Tenders are invited for Masonry restoration work at three schools including tuck pointing, lintel restoration and sealant replacement as well as concrete stair and pavement replacement and associated work.