Tudor Vladimirescu

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Vladimirescu, Tudor


Born circa 1780 in the village of Vladimir, Oltenia; died May 27, 1821. Leader of the Wallachian Revolt of 1821. Born into a peasant family.

Vladimirescu worked as a trader and was connected with the boyars who owned little land. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-12, he commanded a detachment of Rumanian volunteers who fought in the ranks of the Russian Army. He received the rank of lieutenant and was awarded a Russian order. He prepared and led the revolt (1821) in the Danubian principalities. Vladimirescu’s vacillations and mistakes, and also disagreements with the Greek Hetaerists, headed by A. Ypsilanti, led to a weakening of his position as leader of the revolt. He was treacherously seized, delivered to the Hetaerist staff, and murdered.

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707 lei; the extending of the water and sewage system in the district of Roms from Sfantul Gheorghe and Troian from Dragasani; the arranging of the public garden from this city and Tudor Vladimirescu School are only few of the local administration's projects, led by Cristian Nedelcu during 2008-2012.
In the content of the proclamations addressed by Tudor Vladimirescu to the participants at the rising from 1821 was noticed on one the hand the existence of some ideas regarding the popular commitment towards the government, and on the other hand the trend to offer a space of protection to private property.
Contract award: rehabilitation boulevard tudor vladimirescu, drobeta turnu severin, mehedinti county