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Born 1608 in Dehu, near Poona, Maharashtra; died 1649. Indian Vishnuite poet.

Tukaram wrote in Marathi. A wandering poet and preacher, he was persecuted by the priesthood for proclaiming the equality of all men before god and for attacking orthodox religion. He developed the lyric genre of the abhang, a short lyric that depicted the life of the working people and the cruelty of the foreign rulers of Maharashtra. Tukaram’s aphoristic abhangs used colloquial language; many of them became proverbs and sayings.


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Tenders are invited for Proposed construction of drain from bhaurao chaudhari to shatrughn dharne and tarachand gajbhiye to krushnaji kulmethe and tukaram karpate to domaji sonwane at prabhag no 03 under mc chimur area
He studied the writings of Tukaram and even translated some of them into Bengali, with help from Govind Karkare.
Assistant Police Sub-Inspector Tukaram Omble succeeded in capturing one terrorist alive but died in the struggle.
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Bombay owes a huge debt to Tukaram Ombale, who lost his life while holding on to Ajmal Kasab.
In medieval times, the saints of bhakti tradition in particular, like Kabir Tukaram, Dadu, Paltu, Pipa all drew our attention to the plight of people while clergy called for importance of rituals, holy places and the wrath of God, if people don't follow their dictates about the identity related concerns.
So did the works of many spiritual thinkers and writers from other backgrounds, such as Hafiz, Tukaram, HaLevi and St.
Eknath Ombale, the brother of assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Ombalewho died fighting terrorists during the 26/11 terror attacks, said if Afzal Guru had been hanged 10 years ago, then 26/11 and 13/7 incidents would not have happened.
Thackeray quoted the sentiments expressed by the daughter of constable Tukaram Ombale, who was alleged to have been killed by the bullets fired by Qasab, that the souls of the slain 16 policemen will get peace only if Qasab is hanged.