ocimum tenuiflorum

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Anti-inflammatory plant makes a great healing tea that helps respiratory system. Leaves relax nerves, sharpen memory, strengthen the stomach and induce perspiration (helps you sweat). Removes phlegm/mucus from bronchial tube, bronchitis and asthma. Seeds help mucus membranes. Just chewing on Tulsi leaves relieves colds and flu. Also mix Tulsi leaves with cloves and sea salt for immediate help with flu. Reduces stress, boosts immunity, relieves inflammation, balances cholesterol, improves stamina, metabolism, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, helps cleanse body of wastes, sinus infections, supports liver, helps gastric ulcers, calms stomach and digestive upset, helps heart, blood pressure, nervous system, blood sugar levels.
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Perinpanayagam pointed out that there is one Tulasi tree in the second courtyard, within the compound of Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Kovil and this rare tree has started bearing seeds since for the last three to four years.
Acting on it, we reached the spot and rescued Tulasi Babu.
The awards, instituted by South Indian actress Tulasi as a token of regard for her guru and Dada Saheb Phalke award recipient K Viswanath, will be given away in Hyderabad.
The raw water fluoride concentration and fluoride concentration after treatment with Tulasi for 12 hours was shown in Table 1.
Fakhar Zaman said that its pleasure for us that a writer of high calibre like Tulasi Diwasa has accepted PAL's invitation and will participate in International Conference.
"Security can actually be an opportunity to improve your bottom line," said Mani Tulasi, account information security manager for Visa.
She went around the tulasi plant in our yard humming prayers.
CULTURE CHANGE: Charlotte Taylor gets a Tilak from Tulasi J; below the pupils at their meal PICTURES: SIMON GREENER www.chroniclelive.co.uk/buyaphoto ref: 01420968; LEARNING: Joe Lowery, nine, from Newcastle
Tulasi plays earthy music that will make you feel good.
One tells of the plant as the transformed nymph Tulasi, the beloved of the Hindu deity Krishna.
''There can be no reconciliation between the king and political parties on that basis,'' Vice Chairman of the Council of Ministers Tulasi Giri said in the government's first and delayed official reaction to the pact.
S Tulasi was sleeping in a room at the restaurant when the huge waves struck on Sunday in the holiday resort of Penang.