Tuloksa Operation of 1944

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Tuloksa Operation of 1944


a landing operation by the Ladoga Naval Flotilla during the Great Patriotic War of 1941—45. The operation took place between June 22 and 28 on the eastern shore of Lake Ladoga in the Tuloksa River area.

In the course of the Svir’-Petrozavodsk Operation of 1944, the troops of the left wing of the Karelian Front, commanded by General of the Army K. A. Meretskov, faced the prospect of crossing the Svir’ River and breaking through the strong Finnish defense near Olonets. Because the terrain permitted an advance only along the surfaced roads running along the eastern lake-shore, the Ladoga Naval Flotilla, commanded by Rear Admiral V. S. Cherokov, was assigned the task of assisting the ground attack by effecting a landing between the city of Vidlitsa and the mouth of the Tuloksa River.

On June 22 the ships of the first echelon, comprising more than 70 vessels, and the 70th Naval Infantry Brigade left Novaia Ladoga. On June 23, with artillery and bomber support, a landing was accomplished and the beachhead captured. The landing force took the enemy by surprise, but resistance soon stiffened. Repelling counterattacks, the landing force advanced to the north, south, and east, cutting off the highway and railroad. On June 24, despite a strong gale, the flotilla’s ships landed the 3rd Naval Infantry Brigade in the battle area, which consolidated the success. On June 27 units of the landing force joined the troops of the Karelian Front in the area of Rabala and Lindoia, capturing Vidlitsa and then taking part in an attack on Pitk’aranta.

The Ladoga Naval Flotilla was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for successfully carrying out the Tuloksa Operation.


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