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Tulsi Das


Born circa 1532 in Soron, in what is now the state of Uttar Pradesh; died 1624, in Benares. Indian poet.

Tulsi Das wrote in Avadhi and Braj Bhasa dialects of Hindi. His multithematic narrative poem Ramayana (c. 1575; translated in Russian as Ramayana, or Ram-carit-manas: Lake of the Deeds of Ram, 1948) reflected his concept of an ideal social system, as well as the tenets of bhakti. The work was based on the classical epic poem Ramayana. Tulsi Das symbolically portrayed his epoch as an age of evil that was characterized by poverty and lawlessness. He wrote the collections Songs (c. 1570), Songs About Krishna (c. 1570), A Garland of Couplets (1583), A Collection ofHymns, In Praise of the Goddess Parvati (1586), In Praise of Sita (1586), and A Garland of Verses (1612–14).


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Both Valmiki's Ramaya[??]a and Tulsidas' Ramacaritamanasa signify Sita's "desire for [a disguised] golden deer" as the cause of her abduction.
In the first of these, Sardar provides a synopsis of the kdndas (books) that comprise Valmiki's Ramayana and an overview of regional variants of the text, which include versions by poets Kampan and Tulsidas as well as Persian translations.
1600), and the adaptation of the Ramayana epic ([phrase omitted]) entitled Ramcaritmanas ([phrase omitted]) by the poet Tulsidas ([phrase omitted], 1511-1623).
Apart from Khalsa darbars, there are many Udasi darbars in Shikarpur which include Samad Ashram Udasin, Chhatwari Darbar and Baba Tulsidas Udasi Darbar.
Areas with sewage drainage to the Tulsidas Pumping Station, from which the VDPV isolate was identified, and those within the potential zone of poliovirus circulation were chosen for campaign implementation.
In addition to the tassa tradition, Manuel presents ethnographic and musical analysis of various other men's genres including birha, chowtal, the Tulsidas Manas singing, and the epic tradition of alha, which apparently was known in Trinidad up to the 1990s.
I use this text rather than the original Valmiki or popular Tulsidas versions in India because translator Judith Jacob indicates it was primed for performance with indications for musical accompaniment and dance gesture.
Wati writes of Tulsidas, a medieval saint from India, who probes the nature of the Self and talk of God Rama--laying bare those esoteric truths that have been ever so closely wrapped in that same worldly night where alas most of us are found to abide.
These thematic components will showcase life- size sculptures of Valmiki and Tulsidas, wall- towall scripts, large- screen interface depicting the differences of Valmiki and Tuslidas Ramayan and scriptures displayed on interactive screens so visitors can scroll through them and get comprehensive knowledge on the deity.
All transactions regarding transfer of the assets made by a company during the time between the presentation of a petition for winding up of the company and the passing of the order by the court for winding up will not be considered null and void (Tulsidas Jasraj Parekh Vs Industrial Bank of Western India, AIR 1931).
Machine operator Yogesh Tulsidas, said: "Everything depends on us.