Tulub, Zinaida Pavlovna

Tulub, Zinaida Pavlovna


Born Nov. 16 (28), 1890, in Kiev; died there Sept. 26,1964. Soviet Ukrainian writer.

In 1913, Tulub graduated from the Advanced Courses for Women in Kiev. She began publishing in 1910. Among her most important works are a novella in Russian, At the Crossroads (1916), and two historical novels in Ukrainian: Hunters of Men (vols. 1–2, 1934–37), which is set in the Ukraine of the early 17th century, and On the Boundless Steppe Beyond the Urals (1964), which deals with T. G. Shevchenko’s life in exile. Tulub also wrote poems, plays (in Russian), and screenplays and translated Ukrainian and foreign writers into Russian.


In Russian translation:
Sagaidachnyi. Moscow, 1962.


Syrotiuk, M. Zinaida Tulub. Kiev, 1968.