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or Turfan
, town and oasis (1994 est. pop. 64,300), in the Turpan depression (c.5,000 sq mi/12,950 sq km), E Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It is an agricultural center producing cotton and cotton textiles, silk, wheat, grapes, dried fruit, and wine;
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, China.
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a city in Northwest China, in the Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous Region, on the northern edge of the Turfan Depression. The center of a farming region. Population of Turfan and the associated county, 120,000 (1971). Turfan is a transportation center on the Kansu-Sinkiang highway. Petroleum is extracted and refined in the area. The city has a plant that manufactures agricultural equipment, a cement plant, a saltworks, and food-processing plants.

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The migration rates ([N.sub.e]m) ranged from 0.320 (Zhangzhou and Luxi) to 12.668 (Henan and Tulufan) (Table 2), indicating admixture among breeds is quite common.
The breeds in the north and center of China, Tulufan, Luxi and Henan, cluster together into haplogroup I, suggesting that they may have originated from the same common ancestor.
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