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see NantongNantong
or Nantung
, city (1994 est. pop. 422,300), N Jiangsu prov., E central China, on the Chang River, about 30 mi (50 km) from the East China Sea. The center of an important cotton-growing area, it is still dependent upon the textile industry, although its
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, China.
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(23) Although she was disappointed that the mission administration decided that her first assignment would be in the small town of Paotingfu, circumstances changed, and she received her wish to be sent to the mission's educational center in Tungchow, thirteen miles east of Peking.
When Miner returned to China in 1903, Tungchow station was rebuilding, but she set her sights on the education of girls, which took her to Peking, where she would be for almost twenty years.
Here in Tungchow the ladies have always been admitted to mission meetings on equal terms with the gentlemen of the mission." Moon went on to briefly narrate the history of the mission in Tungchow, including a reference to an earlier period of conflict.