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lake, China: see DongtingDongting
or Tungting
, shallow lake, Hunan prov., SE China; one of China's largest lakes. It is fed by the Yuan, Zi, Xiang, and many smaller rivers; a canal connects it with the Chang River.
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a lake in China, in Hunan Province, in the basin of the Yangtze River. The lake is situated in a swampy plain and has low banks. The navigable rivers Yuan, Hsiang, and Tzu discharge into it, and it is connected by five outlets with the Yangtze River, for which it serves as a regulator, taking in from 40 to 60 percent of the Yangtze’s runoff during the high-water period (from May to September). The level of Lake Tungt’ing rises in the summer to 15 m, and its area increases from 4,000-5,000 sq km to 10,000-12,000 sq km causing floods. In the winter, its runoff is directed toward the Yangtze, the lake grows shallow, and many islands form in it. It has fishing and navigation.


, Tungting, Tung-t'ing
a lake in S China, in NE Hunan province: main outlet flows to the Yangtze; rice-growing in winter. Area: (in winter) 3900 sq. km (1500 sq. miles)