Tur, Evgeniia

Tur, Evgeniia


(real name Elizaveta Vasil’evna Salias de Turnemir). Born Aug. 12 (24), 1815, in Moscow; died Mar. 15 (27), 1892, in Warsaw. Russian writer.

Tur was the sister of A. V. Sukhovo-Kobylin. Her novella The Mistake (1849) and her novel The Niece (1850) were published in Sovremennik. Her subsequent novellas and short stories were not well received. Tur also published literary criticism and books for children that were popular in their day; these include The Catacombs (1866), The Shalonskii Family (1879), and Princess Dubrovina (1886). Parts of Tur’s Memoirs, left unfinished, appeared in Poliarnaia zvezda in 1881.


Povesti i rasskazy, vols. 1–4. Moscow, 1859.


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