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(analytical chemistry)
Measure of the clarity of an otherwise clear liquid by using colorimetric scales.
Cloudy or hazy appearance in a naturally clear liquid caused by a suspension of colloidal liquid droplets or fine solids.
The formation of disks centered on stars in long-exposure photographs as a result of light scattering by grains in the emulsion.
Any condition of the atmosphere which reduces its transparency to radiation, especially to visible radiation.
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the capacity of an optically nonuniform medium to scatter light passing through it (see). The extinction coefficient is a quantitative characterization of turbidity and is given by the equation.

τ ═ (l/I) ln (I0/I)

where I0 and I are the intensities of a light beam before and after passage through a layer of the medium of thickness l. Turbidity is determined by methods of nephelometry and turbidimetry.

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Turbidity: Turbidity is a measure of the degree to which the water loses its transparency due to the presence of suspended particulates.
Samples from filter water 8.16% were unfit physico- chemically; again only turbidity was the affected parameter.
Explanation of the field study results is complicated because what bass eat is a function of the habitats they select, which may change with turbidity, and the habitats the prey use, which also may change with turbidity.
Turbidity map (February 2017) of Manila Bay using Landsat-8 data
Among physical parameters, slightly high pH value was observed only in tap water of Lahore museum and Badshahi mosque (8.60).Filtered and tap water in historical places was found with highest concentration of turbidity and fluoride at Badshahi mosque and Data Darbar, respectively while Lahore museum was observed for highest concentration of total hardness, pH and TDS (Table 03).
At low salt concentrations, the micelles were initially stable for approximately 5 minutes before a decrease in turbidity indicated micellar dissociation had occurred.
If the criteria of the trajectories for carbon dioxide emissions (called RCPs) is 8.5, the nightmare scenario in which emissions continue to increase rapidly will happen through the early and mid-parts of the century, making it necessary to push for a concentrated effort in lowering the turbidity before 2050.
As it can be seen from Figure 2, when different quantities of chitosan are added to the raw water, the turbidity of the treated water is between 7 and 9.
The mathematical relation between turbidity output in millivolt (mV) and nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) was performed using a solution of polymers (polymer bead calibration solutions).
Researcher Anneclaire De Roos from Drexel University in Philadelphia, US found associations between acute gastrointestinal illness (AGI) and water turbidity, a term meaning cloudiness or opacity.
Turbidity, a measure of the cloudiness of water, has often been used as a proxy for microbiological contamination.
Two lowest gains that are fractional gains of 0,05 and 0,1 turned out to be the most useful for turbidity values in tested range that was up to 800 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit).