Turbojet Engine

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Turbojet Engine


an aircraft gas-turbine engine in which thrust is developed by a gas jet flowing from a jet nozzle. Turbojet engines are used as propulsion engines in supersonic aircraft or as lifting engines in vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

Atmospheric air that enters a turbojet engine in flight is compressed in an air intake and further compressed in a turbocom-pressor. The compressed air is supplied to a combustion chamber into which a liquid chemical fuel, usually aviation kerosene, is injected. The gases produced during combustion are partially expanded in a turbine, which turns the compressor; the final expansion of the gases occurs in the jet nozzle.

Figure 1. Schematic of a two-spool turbojet engine with an afterburner for supersonic aircraft: (1) air intake, (2) axial-flow compressor, (3) combustion chamber, (4) turbine, (5) afterburner, (6) jet nozzle

The thrust of a turbojet engine may be augmented substantially (about 30–40 percent) by the additional combustion of fuel in an afterburner, which is located between the turbine and the jet nozzle. In order to increase the range of stable operation of the compressor in turbojet engines with and without an afterburner, the engines may be built in a two-spool configuration. In two-spool engines the turbocompressor consists of two tandem sections that are not mechanically connected.

A promising use of turbojet engines is in the first stages of aerospace planes. (See alsoAIRCRAFT ENGINE.)


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