Turi, Louis

Turi, Louis

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Louis Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He studied engineering from the FPA college at home while singing and playing in a band. In 1973, he moved to England to pursue his dream to become a pianist. In 1976 he received the highest distinction Musicianship Award Cup and graduated from the Royal School of Music in London. He then worked as a recording artist.

Turi moved to the United States looking for an opportunity to promote his musical career. He started his new life with less than $50 in his pocket. Later he received an ASME section 9 nuclear welding test certification and worked on the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego, California, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, while pursuing his passion to fly helicopters.

Turi’s life took a sharp turn in 1990 when the U.S. economy, real estate, and construction fields went down. This was his opportunity to turn to his real passion, the stars. He became a full-time astrologer. In 1991 he received a metaphysical doctorate from the Light Institute in Sacramento, California. Disappointed with the conventional jargonized astrology, he spent the last few years, rekindling and practicing the Seer’s rare divine astrology method, which he calls astropsychology.

Turi now teaches and counsels people from all walks of life. He has appeared on numerous radios and television shows. In 1999, he launched his own publishing company, Startheme Publications, Ltd. He lectures all over the world.