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1. a native, inhabitant, or citizen of Turkey
2. a native speaker of any Turkic language, such as an inhabitant of Turkmenistan or Kyrgyzstan
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Mechanical Turk

A subsidiary of Amazon.com that provides a Web services system that uses people to perform tasks better handled by humans than computers. Mechanical Turk is a "crowdsourcing" system, in which requesters post Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) along with the fee they will pay for their completion. Turkers (the workers) choose their HITs, do the jobs and submit the results. Examples of HITs are locating information on a document, translating foreign languages, transcribing speech, as well as comparing audio to written transcripts. For more information, visit www.mturk.com. See crowdsourcing.

Who's the Turk?
The name comes from Wolfgang von Kempelen's mechanical "Turk" in the mid-1700s, which was an expert chess player dressed up as a wooden mannequin. Defeating challengers throughout Europe, including Napoleon, the Turk sat inside a wooden cabinet wearing a robe and turban. Opening the door to reveal gears and springs inside, Kempelen fooled people into believing this was a mechanical device with artificial intelligence.
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"Safie resolved to remain with her father until the moment of his departure, before which time the Turk renewed his promise that she should be united to his deliverer; and Felix remained with them in expectation of that event; and in the meantime he enjoyed the society of the Arabian, who exhibited towards him the simplest and tenderest affection.
He could have endured poverty, and while this distress had been the meed of his virtue, he gloried in it; but the ingratitude of the Turk and the loss of his beloved Safie were misfortunes more bitter and irreparable.
"A few days after, the Turk entered his daughter's apartment and told her hastily that he had reason to believe that his residence at Leghorn had been divulged and that he should speedily be delivered up to the French government; he had consequently hired a vessel to convey him to Constantinople, for which city he should sail in a few hours.
"Safie related that her mother was a Christian Arab, seized and made a slave by the Turks; recommended by her beauty, she had won the heart of the father of Safie, who married her.
While some believe that the rising Bahraini artist did not do any cosmetic surgery, especially that she has just celebrated her 18th birthday, saying that the picture was modified by Photoshop to makeAl Turk appear a little older than her actual age.
According to Interior ministry Pak Turk Education Foundation are related to terrorists groups.
Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb conducted the hearing on a plea filed by the Turk teachers challenging their any possible repatriation in result of an attempted coup in Turkey.
Through the partnership, the new protection for PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets will be available to Turk Telekom mobile and broadband customers across their footprint, from March 2018 and allows them to choose from a variety of packages to suit their needs and budget.
Turk was charged in March 2017 after an investigation by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler's Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU).
The post Saudi Telecom in talks to acquire $3.9bn Turk Telekom stake appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
"I don't got no beef with no n , but I am disappointed in you n ," Turk said.