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The army was able to kill several members of the Turkestan Islamic Party before they finally withdrew to the Eastern half of the Al-Ghaab Plain.
The recent turmoil in Kazakh parliament showed another aspect of the entire affair, and also showed how East Turkestan is part of the greater Turkic community that stretches westwards to Turkey.
''The international community, especially relevant countries in the region, have a high degree of consensus on striking out terrorism including the East Turkestan,'' Qin added.
The Uighurs' primary political movement in exile, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, has been labeled a terrorist organization not only by China but by the United States and the U.N.
(5) The driving force of this proposed economic transformation in East Turkestan was specifically planned as mass investment in large-scale projects to exploit the natural resources of the region, which would, according to the architects of the plan, alleviate high levels of poverty by a trickle-down effect.
It has become a new trend in most of the recent English-language books published on Turkestan to include a chapter on Eastern Turkestan, and Johnson's book is no exception.
A horse who ran well in hot company as a novice, Turkestan is worth backing on his comeback for the Sops In Wine Handicap Hurdle (3.20) at Taunton.
As early as 206 b.c., Chinese primary accounts mention the Uighurs, who had their own kingdom of Eastern Turkestan several times during the various Chinese dynasties.
After the last Chinese dynasty collapsed, the Uighurs established independent republics of East Turkestan (a common Uighur name 'for Xinjiang) in 1933 and, again, in 1944.
But its chief focus in the "war on terror" is the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), composed of independence-minded Muslim Uighurs in northwest China.
It was at Plumpton on September 17 that McCoy completed the fastest 100 winners in a season by scoring on 1-4 shot Present Bleu for Martin Pipe - the first leg of a double completed by 2-11 chance Turkestan.
That ride turned into a loser, but the 101 soon came up on another Pipe horse, Turkestan.