turnera diffusa

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Used for female reproductive system and cycles. Aphrodisiac, used for depression, impotence, nervousness, urinary problems, hypertension. Tests on rats showed definite increase in sexual activity. Small shrub with small yellow flowers. Chamomile-type scent. Fruits taste like figs. Leaf tea used as relaxant. Can interfere with iron absorption if taken too much.
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They also brought back samples of Turnera diffusa, a small, very drought-tolerant, highly branched sub-shrub with yellow flowers and fine-textured, gray leaves.
En cuanto a la importancia relativa de las especies, los resultados (Tabla I) mostraron que las especies silvestres con valores mas elevados son Lippia graveolens con un consenso del 85,2% (75 menciones) y Lantana achyranthifolia (34 menciones), seguidas por Turnera diffusa, Lippia oaxacana, Gymnolaena oaxacana, Cordia curassavica, Lantana camara y Acalypha hederacea.
The pills contain the herbal aphrodisiacs epimedium grandiflorum, turnera diffusa, ilex paraguariensis and sarsaparilla.
MST (ber; B, OA) Turneraceae Turnera diffusa Willd.