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an urban-type settlement in Zhitkovichi Raion, Gomel’ Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Turov is situated on the Pripiat’ River, 30 km from the Zhitkovichi railroad station on the Luninets-Kalinkovichi line. It is a river port. The machine shop for a food-processing combine is located in the city, as is a museum of local lore.

An ancient Russian city, Turov was first mentioned in a chronicle entry for the year A.D. 980. In the 11th and 12th centuries it was the capital of the Turov-Pinsk Principality, and in the 12th century Bishop Kirill of Turov resided in the city. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania seized Turov in the 14th century. The city came under Russian jurisdiction in 1793.


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Scales of ctenacanthid type are numerous and occur in the Turov, Borovoe, Petrikov (all Famennian), Malevka and Upa (Tournaisian) regional stages of several cores.
$395,000; 325 W Palatine Road, Arlington Heights, 60004; Sold on July 28, 2017, by Zenon Tolczyk to Igor Turov and Anna Turov.
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(54) Jaropolk was a prince of Volynj and Turov. His eulogy in the Primary Chronicle was the first indication of his saintly status, but till now he remains only a local saint of Pochaev.
I russi di Turov li guardavano inquieti, come avviene davanti all'inatteso.
However, Delphi policy, launched by Murray Turov, is a way to support decision-making and designed to organize and discuss the different views of the future favorite.
Finally, Soldat believes that the confessional section, an innovation among Russian princely testaments, is dependent on the sermon of the 12th-century Kirill of Turov (Sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Easter) and the Paleia, the Old Slavic summary of the Pentateuch (280).
Gun'ko and Turov (both: Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) introduce their presentation by detailing the need for further information regarding the processes that occur at solid-liquid, solid-gas, liquid-gas, and liquid-liquid interfaces, particularly at the nanoscale level since widely used nanomaterials could have unforeseen and complicated interactions in air, water, and soil, and adversely affect human health.
Young Indian International Master Deep Sengupta pulled off the biggest upset of the day when he beat fourthseeded Russian grandmaster Maxim Turov after 56 moves with a Caro- Kann Defence.
Lillian Leyb, a Russian Jew, flees Turov to New York in the 1920s after most of her family, including her husband and young daughter Sophie, is killed in a pogrom.
Yield of semi-coking products from oil shale technological samples, % Deposit Oil Semi-coke Pyrogenetic Primary water gas + losses Turov 8.6 87.1 2.0 2.3 Liuban 7.4 86.6 2.7 3.2