Tutankhamen's tomb

Tutankhamen’s tomb

its opening supposed to have brought a curse upon its excavators, some of whom died soon after. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
See: Curse
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Hand of Ramses II - Juan M Vargas P CAIRO - 5 August 2019: Ministry of Antiquities said that the decision of the Permanent Committee to transfer the Ramses obelisk to Alamain, King Tutankhamen's tomb to the GEM and the tomb of Toto from Sohag to the New Administrative city museum is important.
Tutankhamen's tomb discovered by archeologist Howard Carter in AD 192 was the first Egyptian tomb that was excavated intact, meaning his mummy was still in the tomb.
Since the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922, only about 1,800 from over 5,000 relics that were discovered inside the tomb were on display.
"Our work shows in a conclusive manner that there are no hidden chambers, no corridors adjacent to Tutankhamen's tomb," Francesco Porcelli of the Polytechnic University of Turin said Sunday in Cairo, according to the Associated Press.
Ralph Mitchell, the Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Biology Emeritus at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge, Mass., has used his knowledge of environmental microbiology to pinpoint the causes of decay in everything from historic manuscripts to the walls of King Tutankhamen's tomb to the Apollo spacesuits.
Baltic amber was used for a lion-shaped cup from that time previously discovered in Syria and for beads and scarabs found in Egyptian King Tutankhamen's tomb, Varberg says.
All the potential, all the fanatical - if at times, misguided - support, and yet both still have a trophy cabinet that has been opened fewer times than Tutankhamen's tomb.
He said: "Did you know that they found a mannequin in Tutankhamen's tomb? "When Howard Carter opened the boy king's tomb there was a torso mannequin that dated back to 1350BC, next to a clothing chest."
Beginning with Abortion in the Garden of Eden Thrash opens with Deep in the heart of the Garden of Eden and moves toward Tutankhamen's tomb, continues on to Atlanta, mention The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge and womankind bearing the brunt of Eve's disobedience; the reader is left breathless but driven turn the page and check the words coming next.
In King Tutankhamen's tomb cloves of garlic were identified.
It is mentioned in the Bible and clay models were found in Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt.