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An opening in the shell and refractory lining of a furnace through which air is forced.



a device for supplying an air blast in metallurgical furnaces or for blowing oxygen into metal baths in steelmaking and the smelting of nonferrous metals. In blast furnaces a tuyere is a nozzle with a water-cooled jacket, and in cupolas and water-cooled blast furnaces it is a slit-shaped opening in the wall of the unit. In converters, open-hearth furnaces, and two-bath steel-making furnaces such a device is called a lance; it is a pipe for supplying oxygen that has a tip of special construction and a water-cooled jacket. A mechanism is provided for raising, lowering, and replacing the tuyere. Besides oxygen, powdered materials can be supplied through tuyeres and lances (for example, in the basic oxygen process).

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Noranda's approach has matte being added to the melt which, in turn, is blown with oxygen-enriched air by means of submerged tuyeres.
Our smelting experiments necessitated the continuous labor of three to four individuals providing continuous draft into a small furnace through narrow blowtubes with ceramic tuyeres for roughly three hours to produce slag lumps weighing ca.
It has 36 tuyeres (pipes) which allow air to be blown into the furnace and four tap holes for removing the iron out of the furnace.
Economic savings can be realized in blast furnaces by having a single particle dispenser and a suspension flow divider serving all coal feed injection tuyeres rather than separate dispensers for each one.
The larger converters, with 60 tuyeres, handle 250 mt/batch with a blast rate of 700 N[m.
Tuyeres - three concentric pipes that carry wastes in the center, oxygen in the intermediate pipe, and methane in the outer pipe - are also incorporated in the design.
Evidence for this early mining activity comes in the form of copper slag deposits (Halbich, 1968), stone constructions and several tuyeres (blast furnace nozzles) found in the vicinity.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Tuyeres, and Kiln Firing Supports," Hesperia 61, pp.
The report theorized that the injection of the upgraded ASR would be done through the tuyeres of the blast furnace directly into the combustion zone, thereby reducing the total amount of fuel material required.
One method of replacing a percentage of coke required by the blast furnace operation is injection of pulverized coal into the blast furnace at the tuyeres at the bottom of the stack.