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(tvĕr), formerly


(kəlyē`nyĭn), city (1989 pop. 451,000), capital of Tver region, central European Russia, at the confluence of the Volga and Tver rivers. A major port on the upper Volga, it is linked with Moscow by the Moscow Canal. An industrial center, Tver has industries producing linen textiles, light machinery, and rolling stock. The city grew around a fort established in the late 12th cent. It was early an important trade center, and from the mid-13th cent. until the late 14th cent. it was the seat of a powerful principality that rivaled Moscow. It was subjugated (1475–85) by Ivan III, grand duke of Moscow. Tver was renamed (1931) for M. I. Kalinin, a president of the USSR. It reverted to its original name in 1992. It is the site of a cathedral and castle, both from the 17th cent.



until 1931, the name of the city of Kalinin, administrative center of Kalinin Oblast, RSFSR.


a city in central Russia, at the confluence of the Volga and Tversta Rivers: chief port of the upper Volga, linked by canal with Moscow. Pop.: 402 000 (2005 est.)
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Representatives of the Tver branch of JSC Rosselkhozbank told about the preferential crediting of agricultural producers, about the possibilities of technical and technological modernization of farms - JSC Rosagroleasing.
In general, in 20162018, about 7 billion rubles were allocated to support the agro-industrial complex of the Tver region.
The milk complex "Dmitrogorsk milk" also works on the territory of the Tver region for 5,5 thousand heads of cattle, "Dmitrogorsky dairy factory", pig-breeding complexes of "AgroPromkomplektatsiya" - "Dmitrogorsky bacon" and "Rzhevsky bacon" production capacity of more than 250 thousand heads pigs per year, pig breeding complex "Selikhovo", "Dmitrogorsky meat-processing plant", feed mill, elevator, plant enterprise.
From 2010 to 2016 in the Tver region, investment projects of the "AgroPromkomplektatsiya" GC were realized for 17 billion rubles, more than 1.1 thousand jobs were created.
Construction of electrical networks 0,4kv at the address: tver, "silikatchik-2", uch.
Address : 170008, Tverskaya Obl, Tver G, Ul Rotmistrova, 27
Support of this direction will increase the sales of young animals, increase the supply of beef to the population of the Tver region, "Governor Igor Rudenya believes.
The cattle farm of beef cattle will appear in the village of Malye Ruchei, Konakovo district, Tver region.