Twigg, Ena

Twigg, Ena (b. 1914)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

On September 4, 1969, Ena Twigg and her husband Harry sat in their living room with close friend Canon John Pearce-Higgins. Suddenly a voice told Ena to turn on the tape recorder. She did so. Then she went into a trance and the voice continued to speak through her. It was the voice of Bishop James Albert Pike, who had been missing for seven days, lost in the Palestinian Desert. His voice advised that he was dead and had been for twenty-four hours. In detail, he gave the circumstances of his death and directions to the location of his body. This was the event that brought Ena Twigg to the attention of the general public. Ena Twigg was also the first Spiritualist minister ever featured on a religious program on the BBC in England, on Sunday March 12, 1967.

Ena was born in Gillingham, Kent, England, on January 6, 1914. She was the second of four children born to Harry and Frances Baker. According to Ena, the whole family was psychic. As a child, Ena enjoyed astral projection and often saw what she termed the “misty people". It was they who, one night, told her that her father was to leave the earth plane the following week. She adored her father and was devastated when, as predicted, he slipped and fell down the stairs, fracturing his skull and injuring his spine; injuries from which he died. When her mother remarried nearly two years later, Ena left home to marry the boy who lived across the street; Harry Twigg. Ena had many vivid experiences of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception. Her father’s spirit came to her and acted as her spirit guide.

Harry Twigg joined the Royal Navy and for many years Ena and he were “globetrotting” from one naval depot to another. In Malta, she was operated on for acute appendicitis but complications led to her being sent back to England where she was advised that her heart was weak and she should look forward to life as an invalid. As she said, “I believe that before we are ready for a revelation, before we can make any big upward step, we are confronted with a terrific problem. It can be an emotional one, a material one, a spiritual one, or one of mental or physical suffering. How we deal with that situation determines how we are going to go on.” One evening she was visited by three of her “misty people” who gave her injections and visited her on a regular basis for six months. This led to her complete recovery, and she determined to devote her life to helping others. Asking the “misty people” where she should start, she was given an address in a part of town unknown to her. Ena and Harry went to the address and were greeted by a woman who said, “Do come in. It’s our circle night.” It transpired that a group meeting there had recently lost their medium. When Ena sat with them, she immediately went into trance. She was a natural medium. Not long after that, she found herself in a situation where she had to stand in for another medium as platform speaker and message-giver for the local Christian Spiritualist Church. It was at a later private home sitting that Harry was converted to Spiritualism; his deceased father came through Ena and exchanged with Harry various secrets of Freemasonry.

Throughout the war, Ena had visions and communications from the spirit world, advising her of the wellbeing of her husband. Her “misty people” had advised her that he would get through the war safely. She learned the details of the D-Day landing ahead of time and Harry learned that he would not have to go to the Far East for combat because the war would come to an end, which it did. In gratitude for their safety throughout the conflict, Ena and Harry dedicated the rest of their lives to helping others.

She subjected herself to any and all psychical research testing that was suggested, frequently being “trussed up with wires and electrodes like a chicken prepared for roasting.” In one test done at the College of Psychic Studies, a registered package was brought into the room and opened for the first time. It was found to contain an eyeglass case. Ena immediately went into a trance and brought through so much valid information that the owner of the case became a convert to Spiritualism on the spot. Rosalind Heywood, then Vice President of the Society for Psychical Research, constantly urged Ena to always keep notes, make tape recordings, and have witnesses for all her séances. This she did. As a result, there was the later recording of Bishop Pike’s first communication after his death in the Palestinian Desert.

Three years prior to that, in 1966, shortly after Bishop Pike’s son committed suicide, Canon Pearce-Higgins, Vice-Provost of Southwark Cathedral, arranged for the bishop to have a sitting with Ena. At that sitting, she brought through the son who desperately needed to explain things to his father. There was a lot of evidential material which was a great comfort to the grieving father. There followed a number of séances for the bishop over the next few years.

Ena became the first woman to speak in an Anglican cathedral. On Sunday, January 25, 1970, she spoke in Southwark Cathedral. She went on to speak at a large number of symposia before distinguished scholars and researchers. She was the medium to bring back Bert Lahr to his widow, and Edgar Cayce to discuss ARE affairs with Doctor Herbert Puryear.

Philip was a spirit who sometimes spoke through Ena, giving advanced teachings and enlightenment. In August 1970, he came through to give guidance and advice to the officers of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. In due course, Ena Twigg opened her own healing clinic. She achieved a very high reputation as a healer, clairvoyant and trance medium.


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