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In the United States, a colloquial term for tornado.
(solid-state physics)
A piezoelectric crystal that generates a voltage when twisted.



a machine in textile production for manufacturing twisted threads, twine, cord, string, and so forth. The basic operating part of traditional twisters is the spindle, which, in spinning, gives a twist to the thread and carries the package with the thread to be twisted. Also used for making twisted thread are spinner-twisters, which combine four production operations (spinning, doubling, twisting, and winding the thread on the bobbin).

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Hundreds of banana plants were felled when a second twister came, according to Mayor Joselito PiAol.
The Smart Cutter follows up after the Twister, using its grinding panels to smooth openings to a quality finish.
The Twisters invited the media for a press conference to point out the mistake and to publicly apologize to Swinton and Carter.
But last fall's tornadoes show that terrible twisters can form anywhere--sometimes even developing from a completely different type of thunderstorm.
One feature that sets the Toro Twister apart from the competition is the unrivaled suspension system.
As increasing media coverage makes travelers and residents of suburbs and exurbs more weather-aware, they are more likely to report twisters.
Although a single twister can cause considerable damage, its impact is usually moderate--at least when compared to hurricane and earthquake damage, says a report by Swiss Reinsurance Co.
Added to that, a twister swept over the Lleyn Peninsula.
In 1990 the company added low-calorie Twister Light, which now accounts for about a third of all Twister volume.
That's because the race action on the track this August 6-7 will complemented by spectacular aerial displays - including the new addition of the show-stopping Twister Aerobatic Team.
The Arkansas Twisters are busy planning their 10th season at Alltel Arena, and af2's season will begin the last weekend in March.
The twisters rank among the worst in decades, injuring 750 Oklahomans, killing 42, and causing more than $1 billion in property damage.