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In the United States, a colloquial term for tornado.
(solid-state physics)
A piezoelectric crystal that generates a voltage when twisted.
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a machine in textile production for manufacturing twisted threads, twine, cord, string, and so forth. The basic operating part of traditional twisters is the spindle, which, in spinning, gives a twist to the thread and carries the package with the thread to be twisted. Also used for making twisted thread are spinner-twisters, which combine four production operations (spinning, doubling, twisting, and winding the thread on the bobbin).

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He said: "I was a few miles away, near Broomhill, when I saw this twister. It was quite bizarre, like something out of one of those twister movies.
While it has not yet been confirmed if the event was actually a twister, a number of people on social media seem to believe so.
John explains: "If you view the loom from behind then a left-handed twister would sit in between the old and new warps and work from right to left using his left hand to do the twisting while a righthanded twister would work from left to right using his right hand for twisting."
This is how a twister originates, said the scientist, who requested anonymity for lack of authority to speak to media.
The village of Pilger, a community several blocks wide and home to roughly 350 residents, appeared to bear the brunt of the storms and the heaviest concentration of casualties after one twister struck in late afternoon, local authorities said.
* Twister openes branches at Y or T connections that have been temporarily obstructed in the installation of new lining.
Three twisters were confirmed in Tennessee and a possible tornado hit southeastern Arkansas.
The organically shaped 3D twister sculpture, which is floating in the air, marks the middle of the showroom together with the reception desk made from rusted steel.
That tongue twister doesn't do any damage, not even to the tongue.
On April 27, a pack of twisters roared across six Southern states, killing 314 people, more than twothirds of them in Alabama.
If you're looking for the next potential Arkansas-connected superstar in the making, then check out the Arkansas Twisters' Rod Harper.