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In the United States, a colloquial term for tornado.
(solid-state physics)
A piezoelectric crystal that generates a voltage when twisted.



a machine in textile production for manufacturing twisted threads, twine, cord, string, and so forth. The basic operating part of traditional twisters is the spindle, which, in spinning, gives a twist to the thread and carries the package with the thread to be twisted. Also used for making twisted thread are spinner-twisters, which combine four production operations (spinning, doubling, twisting, and winding the thread on the bobbin).

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As far as the design of the Twisters go, they really do look tough; they aren't your sleek looking Beats or clean cut Noontech headphones.
Twister openes branches at Y or T connections that have been temporarily obstructed in the installation of new lining.
The organically shaped 3D twister sculpture, which is floating in the air, marks the middle of the showroom together with the reception desk made from rusted steel.
Carter became aware of the situation after his ex-wife attended a Twisters game a n d noticed his "retired" number being worn.
Most of Tornado Alley's twisters form from supercells that develop on spring afternoons--when the sun's heat has had plenty of time to warm the surface air.
The Twister hit the market in spring 2001 boasting unique features exclusive to Toro.
Other Twisters who homered in the tournament included Andy Napolitano, Patrick McKenna and Dylan Jones.
The number of twisters reported from year to year is highly variable.
The primary concern of tornado researchers and storm chasers is to save lives by providing better warning systems in advance of twisters.
They're very dramatic to look at, but these aren't the kind of twisters you might see in America.
The Arkansas Twisters are busy planning their 10th season at Alltel Arena, and af2's season will begin the last weekend in March.
So the Oklahoma twisters came as no surprise to forecasters.