Type I portland cement

ordinary portland cement, Type I portland cement

A portland cement used for general construction which is produced without any of the special distinguishing qualities imparted to other types.
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Internal tests using ASTM C989 and C109 procedures show a 50/50 PozzoSlag 1.2 and Type I portland cement specimen eclipsing a 100 percent Type I specimen in strength development at three days.
COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT ASTM C989, C109 procedures Cylinder Test Type I Portland Cement Type I/PozzoSlag (50/50) 1 day 2,015 psi 1,620 psi 3 days 2,945 psi 3,120 psi 7 days 3,630 psi 4,542 psi 14 dye 4,595 psi 5,477 psi 28 days 5,547 psi 6,587 psi 56 days 5,962 psi 8,500 psi