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see TiwTiw
, Norse Tyr
, ancient Germanic god. Originally a highly revered sky god, he was later worshiped as a god of war and of athletic events. He was identified with the Roman war god Mars, and among Germanic peoples Mars' day became Tiw's day (Tuesday).
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god of victory in war. [Norse Myth.: Leach, 1147]
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, Tyr
a port in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean: founded about the 15th century bc; for centuries a major Phoenician seaport, famous for silks and its Tyrian-purple dye; now a small market town. Pop.: 141 000 (2005 est.)
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In order to obtain the best screening performance for active compounds in the complex matrix, some important parameters of the method including incubation time, TYR concentration, and sample concentration should be optimized.
Here in this study, we report on two recurrent mutations in TYR gene, in which c.346C>T is mapped first time in a Pakistani patient.
Diamide caused an intense and transient Tyr phosphorylation of band 3 and of proteins 4.1 and 4.2 though to a lesser extent and Ser phosphorylation changes in additional membrane protein (Figures 1(a), 1(b), and 2 and Table 1).
This locus was mapped on chromosome 11q14.3 and harbor TYR gene (MIM# 606933) which consist of 5 exons.
Permanent deficiency of the enzyme-hypertyrosinaemia, a rare inborn error of metabolism--can cause liver and kidney failure unless treated with a synthetic diet low in Phe and Tyr. Food containing tyramine, a derivative of tyrosine, must be avoided when certain tranquillisers are taken.
Tyr is the only metabolite which was significantly associated with HOMA at baseline and after intervention.
Another hydrogen bond is formed between the O3 atom of the ligand and hydroxyl group of the TYR 337 residue, active residue of PAS site at a bond length of 3.9 [Angstrom] (Figure 4(a), Table 1).
Tyr Newydd, Coed Efa Lane, New Broughton, Wrexham, is on the market for pounds 189,950 with Molyneux, Wrexham
ty tyr bo b T sa ce ce cu cu as The Association of British Insurers said their members - around 90 per cent of the market - will not ask customers for more money as long as the tyres are roadworthy and fitted in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers' specifications.
The Lightweight Assault System (Lwas) from TYR Tactical (a subsidiary of Armorworks) is a new, state-of-the-art, soft armour system that fits standard Sapi and Esapi plates in releasable or fixed-style carriers and was designed with FR-rated spacer mesh with raised comfort pads for a less-tiring load carriage and increased ballistic stability.
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