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see TiwTiw
, Norse Tyr
, ancient Germanic god. Originally a highly revered sky god, he was later worshiped as a god of war and of athletic events. He was identified with the Roman war god Mars, and among Germanic peoples Mars' day became Tiw's day (Tuesday).
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god of victory in war. [Norse Myth.: Leach, 1147]
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, Tyr
a port in S Lebanon, on the Mediterranean: founded about the 15th century bc; for centuries a major Phoenician seaport, famous for silks and its Tyrian-purple dye; now a small market town. Pop.: 141 000 (2005 est.)
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Increased concentrations of stable halogenated Tyr residues have been detected in proteins isolated from atherosclerotic plaques as well as in plasma and airway secretions of patients with asthma, ARDS, and cystic fibrosis, and halogenated Tyr residues are widely used as markers for damage mediated by hypohalous acids (HOCl and HOBr) in these diseases (3, 5, 107, 118-122).
Below a DA concentration of 50 nmol/L in the infused TYR solution, there was no relationship between the increment in arterial plasma DA and the infusate DA concentration (Fig.
If a positive answer were arrived at, our approach would be of value not only for the interpretation of TYR test results, but also for the interpretation of other tests of a similar nature that are designed to detect extremely rare cells.
Increased plasma Phe concentrations, such as we found in PKU patients (group B), by decreasing the availability of the precursors Tyr and Trp, which are also decreased in the same group of patients, might be the primary cause of their catecholamine and 5HT depletion (6, 7, 23).
After informed consent, Phe and Tyr were measured immediately in one aliquot ([Phe.
The candidate reference materials were enriched with two stock calibrator solutions: solution A, containing Met, Tyr, and Val, each at a concentration of 5 g/L in dilute HCI; and solution B, containing Phe and Leu, each at 5 g/L in deionized water.
Separation of Phe and Tyr was achieved by HPLC (Hewlett-Packard 1100 series) using a Hypersil C-18 4 mm x 100 mm column containing 3 [micro]m particles (Hewlett-Packard).
An initial study using HPLC and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) demonstrated the ability to quantify Phe and Tyr simultaneously (4); it has also been suggested that calculation of the ratio of Phe to Tyr (Phe/Tyr) will allow detection of affected newborns under 24 h of age without increasing the rate of false positives (5).
for the immediate delivery of a command training simulator, CATS TYR, worth SEK 12 million.
NNA - 25/5/2011 Italian UNIFIL Commander of the Western sector of South Lebanon, General Guantiero De Chico, in a courtesy visit to Tyr municipal council where he met with a number of municipal heads in presence of a number of Italian embassy staff.
Going back centuries, the rune symbol has been associated with Norse mythology's Tyr, a god of war with one hand who was linked to heroism.
PML-N's sources said that on one hand writ of the government is challenged by the protesters while on other hand statement of party's top leader in favour of TYR reveals the alleged involvement of government.