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ancient kingdom in NW Ireland in what is the modern Co. Donegal. The kingdom was founded by Conall Gulban in the 5th cent.; kings of Tyrconnell reigned until 1071.
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Resistance was dogged and many of the Gaelic Irish remained unbowed, especially in Ulster where they were led by Rory O'Donnell and Hugh O'Neill - whose English titles were the earls of Tyrone and Tyrconnel.
For one, the massive disarming this language described did not happen in England, but in Ireland when the Earl of Tyrconnel assembled the Protestant militia only to disarm them and turn the arms over to Catholics.
Mary Eleanor's son, John the 10th Earl, was in love with Sarah Hussey Delaval, Lady Tyrconnel, who he met when he visited Seaton Delaval Hall .
Hugh O'Neill hoped to argue his case again in London, but Red Hugh's successor, his younger brother Rory O'Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnel, decided to get away abroad.
in Ireland produces Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey and The Tyrconnel Single Malt Irish Whiskey, which through the end of 2005 had been represented in the U.S.
Enhanced with maps of the area, sketches, and photos showing the original Tyrconnel and neighboring Covington Park Maryland farms, Tyrconnel: An Antebellum Adventure Along The C & O Canal by Charles Furtney is the thrilling story of Army Lieutenant Jeff Shirley set out in 1859 on a secret mission to investigate mysterious and violent activity along the C & O Canal at the Tyrconnel farm in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, Maryland.
Stena Line Holidays have a seven-night package centred at the self-catering Tyrconnel Holiday Village in Bundoran which includes five full-day rides and packed lunches.
The Cooley Distillery's Tyrconnel, Kilbeggan and Connemara whiskeys and Great Spirits' high-end Knappogue Castle whiskey almost complete the picture.
Frances Jennings, Duchess of Tyrconnel, twines a posy of tiny petals about a hand scarcely less delicate than they (Private Collection).
Likewise, at Richard Baldwin's place of business, interested customers could purchase traitorous correspondence between the Irish Jacobite Earl of Tyrconnel and the hateful Bourbon king, as well as a diatribe about the cruelties perpetrated by the French upon captured English soldiers.
.," but Seeger was not referring to sets of British Mineralogy.) It was, however, a fine, tall copy, sumptuously bound in full contemporary stiff vellum with decorative markings in gilt, and it came from the library of the Earl of Tyrconnel, retaining his armorial bookplates.