Tyrrell, George Walter

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Tyrrell, George Walter


Born May 30, 1883, in Watford, England; died July 20, 1961, in Glasgow. English geologist and petrologist.

Tyrrell began teaching at the University of Glasgow in 1906. He served as scientific adviser on a Scottish expedition to Spitsbergen in 1919, and in 1924 he led an expedition to Iceland. Tyrrell’s research dealt mainly with petrology, volcanology, and the relationship between magmatic processes and tectonics. He studied the geological structure of Scotland, West Africa, and a number of regions in the arctic and Antarctica. He was the first to describe the glaciers of Spitsbergen, distinguishing the special type of glacier known as the reticular glacier. The founder of a geological school of thought in petrology, Tyrrell related the composition of rocks to the conditions surrounding the rocks’ occurrence and other genetic features.


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