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a city in Kelmė Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Tytuvėnai has a railroad station on the Šiauliai-Sovetsk line, 40 km south of Šiauliai. Peat is extracted in the city.

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Buvusi PagryPuvio dvaro sodyba, iU Tytuvenai. Istorija, kultura, meno paminklai.
The annual Tytuvenai Summer Festival has ended with a world premiere of a concerto for violin and chamber orchestra with winds by esteemed American composer David Aaron Jaffe.
On this map we can already find the Firth of the Kursiai Marios, the Bartuva, Venta (POLLER FLV.), Sventoji (HILLIGE FLV.), Nemunas (Niemo fl.), Neris rivers as well as such settlements as Klaipeda, Varniai (Myednyky), Tytuvenai, Kaunas (Kofno), Vilnius (Vilno), Grodno, Lyda and Kreve (Chomskis 1958).
Mary the Virgin Church and the Bernardine Monastery in Tytuvenai, a district of Kelme.