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, Native Americans of the state of Michoacán, Mexico. Their language has no known relation to other languages, and their history prior to the 16th cent. is poorly understood.
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Prorroga su senoria por otro ano mas la reserva que hizo del servicio a los naturales de Tzintzuntzan, para acudir a la obra de la iglesia.
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Specimens come from southeast of Sanabria, Municipality of Tzintzuntzan (19[degrees]34"N, 101[degrees]34.5"W, elevation 2,040), Michoacan, Mexico.
From their powerful capital city and religious center Tzintzuntzan, the Tarascans successfully thwarted every attack by the Aztec.
In Tzintzuntzan she visits the workshop of Manuel Morales.
Brandes (1988: 168) has shown that Tzintzuntzan fiestas were "controlled states of anarchy" which allowed for the symbolic inversion of normative bodily processes.
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