lintel block, U-block

stone lintel
steel lintel
A concrete masonry unit having a single core with an open end; usually placed with its open end upright; such blocks form a continuous beam when filled with grout and proper reinforcement.
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Tenders are invited for under the head 2216 (annual repair) works of supplying materials at u-block, l-block, new- block in badshah nagar colony.
There are so many that it needs a full block in the Cabinet Division U-block to handle their U-turns,' she said, adding that 'in the first 50 days of the government, we have only witnessed ubiquitous U-turns'.
The training camp was held at U-Block Ground New Multan.
He named the 30-60-90 degree triangle as the "big triangle." He also named a half-circle shape piece as a "U-block" by attending to the fact that the circular curve looked like an alphabet letter U.
Tenders are invited for development of streets pavement and side drains of u-block, shiv vihar, karawal nagar in mustafabad constituency ac-69 (regn.
Tenders are invited for Under the head 2216 (civil maintenace), works of distempering, oil bound distempering ,paintings in u-block in rajkeeya colony badshahnagar.
Tenders are invited for Removing contamination of water by replacement of old/damaged water line in u-block, mangolpuri constituency ac-12 under ze-ii/ ee(nw)-i.
Tenders are invited for Plaster repairing, oil bound distempering of exterior surface and construction of sun-shade on iron-angle-frame in u-block in rajkeeya colony badshahnagar.
Tenders are invited for Desilting of sewer line by mini super suker machine from p-block to u-block in ward no.
Tenders are invited for SH- C/o Handicapped Toilet at G.B.S.S., U-Block and P/L Water Proofing Treatment on Roofing at G.B.S.S.S, U-Block and G.S.K.V., U-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi.
Tenders are invited for P/L/J water supply distribution network in U-Block, Shiv Vihar in Mustafabad, AC-69