running trap

running trap
A depressed U-shaped section of pipe in a drain; allows the free passage of fluid, but always remains full, whatever the state of the pipe, so that it forms a seal against the passage of gases.
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A U-Trap employs a flat plate magnet in a shallow body to minimize damage to the product flowing past.
The prototype was successful with one major lesson learned: the water meter for recording the total amount of collected condensate should be installed either in the vertical section of pipe above the pump, or in a U-trap in the horizontal run, because, otherwise, the pipe is never totally full of water, and an impeller-type meter could misread the flow volume.
The dimensions of the U-trap in the existing condensate drain pipe between the AHU and the floor drain should be maintained when connecting the drain pipe to the external collection pan.
Inspect plumbing systems to ensure that floor drains, sinks, bathtubs, and other sanitary fixtures are fitted with U-traps and that the traps are sealed.