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An instrument for the measurement of pressure; a U-shaped glass tube partially filled with water or mercury, one side of which is connected to the source of pressure. The amount of displacement of the liquid is a measure of the magnitude of the pressure.
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When the water level of the broken SG was reached to the SGTR set point, the residual water in the U-tube and that in hot- and cold-leg were evaporated together.
Heffington, "Thermal interference of adjacent legs in a vertical U-tube heat exchanger for a ground-coupled heat pump," ASHRAE Transactions, vol.
Long-term drainage of the kidney by U-tube pyelonephrostomy.
(6) Observation of the ground loop contractors in the Austin area reveals why the simple and durable HDPE U-tube can be installed at much greater lengths and depths at lower costs than more elaborate alternatives.
Eslami-nejad and Bernier (2011a, 2011b) proposed a new double U-tube borehole configuration with two independent circuits.
(Emissions due to loads calculated with the actual 2012 weather year have the exact trends and vary by about 3-5% from those due to loads calculated with the IWEC weather year.) Annualized emissions due to manufacturing the heat pump, drilling the borehole, and installing the U-tube are included in the annualized totals.
Counsel for the petitioner told the court ban slapped on U-tube is illegal.
The flow loop has a mercury U-tube manometer and a pressure transducer made from Rosemount Company to measure the pressure drop along the pipeline.
Some of the most trustworthy local information on the unfolding of events was from citizen journalists and what was being put on u-tube. We have yet to see what will happen in Libya but the citizen journalists helped to topple the Gaddafi regime.
The vertical GSHP system constructed for this study has a three single U-tube ground heat exchanger (GHE) made of polyethylene pipe with 40 mm outside diameter.
A hand bellows was used to pump air to a control tap that diverted the gas stream to either an ether or Junkers type chloroform bottle and thence to a 'U-tube' immersed in a thermos flask with water at 116[degrees]F.