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The researchers attribute at least two-thirds of the U.S. price change to changes in China's internal tariff policy, particularly reduction in tariffs on imported inputs, which lowered costs for Chinese producers and hence enhanced their global competitiveness.
While an e1/4899 (US$1170) price tag appears significantly higher that the Surface Pro's U.S. price of $899, a 30-percent mark-up is not unusual for electronics devices in Europe, where prices are typically displayed inclusive of value-added tax at around 20 percent.
Another reason for the total U.S. price decline in the latest survey is California, the biggest state consumer, where pump prices fell 49 cents in past two weeks after an extreme price increase a month ago because of refinery problems.
Since 1980, average U.S. price appreciation has been 184.90 percent.
software giant said it is cutting the U.S. price of its Xbox from $299 to $199, effective Wednesday, and its price in Japan from 34,800 yen to 24,800 yen, effective May 22.
For example, the U.S. price spread was as high as 32 cents in 1995, but reached about one-half that amount during 1998 and 1999 and was similar in range to that experienced during the recession of 1982 to 1984.
should drop back somewhat, current legislation is providing somewhat of a buffer between cotton producers and the low U.S. price. Without a change in policy initiative the over-supply situation may be around longer than we would like to see.
Available for 1989-1998 for the entire U.S. Price is $50 per year for the entire U.S.
The U.S. price is $6,500 annually "wholesale acquisition cost" (Kaletra has not yet been approved in any other country).
This effect was offset somewhat by a small improvement in U.S. price competitiveness last year, which helped make U.S.
Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson says Netflix recently implemented a U.S. price increase while his firm's previous domestic subscriber surveys showed a willingness for U.S.
Many price rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S4 surfaced prior to the phone's release, but prices overseas gave little indication of the phone's true U.S. price point.