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(You: Simplified, Smarter, Mobile) An earlier platform for portable Windows applications from U3 LLC, Milpitas, CA. Both the U3-enabled app and user's data resided on a USB drive. U3's "smart drive computing" introduced the concept of portable applications. Founded in 2004 by M-Systems and SanDisk, U3 evolved into StartKey from Microsoft and SanDisk.

Launch and Run Without a Trace
Like software on a hard disk, the U3 application was read into memory and executed from the USB drive. However, when the drive was removed, there were no data or altered Registry settings left in the computer. Any Windows PC could be used merely as a processing engine.

Developing the U3 Application
Applications had to become U3 compliant. Apps that did not use the Registry were wrapped in a U3 header, and those that required the Registry had to communicate with the U3 programming interface (API). See USB drive and COM.

An Interesting Concept
If we carried our U3 apps on a keychain, we could run them on any Windows PC.
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Based on the innovative U3 smart drive computing platform, the Kingston U3 DataTraveler creates a secure workspace.
Purmal will plug a U3 smart drive into a PC and show the audience how U3 smart software applications are launched and used from a U3 smart drive on any Windows-based computer and how all information is saved to the device, not the PC.
Consumer Electronics Leader Uses U3 Platform to Transform USB Flash Drive Into U3 Smart Drive
Migo Mobile Computing Software also works seamlessly with the hardware encryption applications included with Migo-enabled portable storage devices such as the Kingston DataTraveler(TM) USB Flash Drive and any U3(TM) Flash Drive, including the Memorex(R) U3 smart Mini TravelDrive(TM) and the Verbatim(R) Store 'n' Go(TM) U3 smart drive.
Personal information never appears on the host PC, but stays strictly on the U3 smart drive.
RedCannon will demonstrate KeyPoint CMS running on a U3 smart drive at the U3 Global Developer Summit, which takes place today at the San Jose Marriott.
Migo software and a U3 smart drive mobilize the user's personal workspace by letting them transform any Windows(R)-based PC into their virtual PC.
ACDSee for U3 can be carried on any U3 smart drive, allowing users convenient access to photo management tools and personal files, data and preferences, all on a device no larger than a pack of gum.
U3(TM) LLC, creator of the U3 smart drive computing platform, has been included in the list of "Cool Vendors" in the "Cool Vendors in Semiconductors, 2006" report published on March 15, 2006 by Joseph Unsworth, et.
OEM versions of NTI Ripper are also available for licensing by OEMs, storage device vendors and U3 Smart Drive vendors for software bundling.