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Yuji Kida <kida@rkmath.rikkyo.ac.jp>.

An extension of BASIC for symbolic mathematics and number theory.

UBASIC supports bignums, fractions, complex numbers, polynomials and integer factorisation. It runs under MS-DOS and is written in assembly language.

Latest version: 8.


[Review, W.D. Neumann, Notices of AMS 36 (May/June 1989)]

["A math-oriented high-precision BASIC", Notices of the A.M.S, 38 (Mar 1991)].
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A short UBASIC program was run for all numbers up to 1, 000, 000, and the counts were 78498 primes < 1, 000, 000; 587 members of SPDS < 1, 000, 000.
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Implementing this in a Ubasic program will enable us to look for which palindromes are primes instead of looking for which primes are palindromes.
Programs are written in UBASIC. Ten experiments were carried out in each case.
The approximate value for [pi] is denoted G in the UBASIC program listed below.