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The university is already in talks with the federal Ministry of Higher Education regarding its accreditation with the ministry as well, said Ben Bailey, director of campus operations at UBD.
Jointly hosted by the Brunei Darussalam Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (BAMLS) and the PAPRSB IHS of UBD from January 19-21, the symposium featured nine workshops and nine conferences on the themes cancer, lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases.
The real-time evaluation of gas formation during UBD is very critical to gas reservoir exploration and development [46].
State Street is committed to this region, and by leveraging our experience and expertise in financial services, we hope to work with UBD to nurture more local talent to support the region's economic development."
Established in 2001, UBD is a firm of independent auditors and certified public accountants with its head office in Istanbul and branches in Adapazari/Sakarya, Mudanya/Bursa and Gaziantep.
Under the deal, UBD is set to open 12 new Man'oushe Street branches in Qatar, said a statement.
Researchers from UBD and IBM will collaborate to develop climate models based on regional climate data.
The machines allow UBD to increase accuracy, reduce cycle time and eliminate resource and material waste.
In 1950, I went to UBD for eight weeks, and stayed 15 years!
One by-product of that "academic invasion" which is only slightly "out of step" (citing a number of Western press articles which find the social structure quaint!), but constitutes a valuable addition to the scholarly literature, is the bibliography by UBD's first librarian, recruited from Britain for a three-year contract.
One of the more complicated elements of the K to 12 curriculum is the use of understanding by design, or UbD, which involves "backward planning" with the end goals in mind.